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Lecture: "Analog Days: How Technology Changed our Culture," 7 p.m., East Auditorium

Analog Days: How Technology Changed Our Culture, lecture at 7 p.m. March 7 in the East Auditorium.

Admission is free and open to the public.

The technical revolution has had profound social effects, splitting our society into “analog” and “digital” cultures. We now struggle to live simultaneously in two cultures – one that hews to a world rooted in books and personal social contacts, the other oriented toward a vast global computer network that sends us news and entertainment at the click of a fingertip. Our conversation, led by technology expert Alex Alben, explores how digital inventions are shaping communication, political discourse and today’s media landscape.

“Analog Days: How Technology Changed our Culture” is part of the 2013 College of Arts and Sciences Season of Events. The co-sponsor, Humanities Washington, is a vital partner and a flagship non-profit that provides free educational and cultural programs based in the humanities. Humanities Washington is committed to serving the cities and rural communities on the eastern side of the state. For more information, visit

Thursday, March 7, 2013 - 7:00pm to 8:15pm