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JESS seminar, Ill Wind for Washington Grapes, 12 p.m., BSEL 101

Seminar to be presented by Dr. Vincent R. Hebert, Associate Professor with the Food & Environmental Quality Lab at WSU Tri-Cities. Note this seminar will be held in BSEL 101.

Ill Wind for Washington Grapes? Continuing Concern with the Use of Potent Broadleaf Herbicides in Diverse Agriculture

Grape vineyards, especially in regions of mixed cereal and field crop production have historically been exposed to herbicides, presumably from a combination of local spray drift and regional off-target movement. Of particular concern in Washington State has been the inadvertent off-target movement of highly active hormone (auxin)-type chlorophenoxy, benzoic, and carboxylic acid herbicide plant grower regulators (PGRs) purportedly emanating from cereal grain fields. Wide-spread vineyard injury in the Yakima Valley was noticed soon after cereal growers in the Horse Heaven Hills adopted 2,4 D aerial application programs for weed control. Subsequent regulatory bans on “high drifting” 2,4-D dust and highly volatile ester formulations reduced but did not did not cure grape vineyards from ill winds. Moreover, continued vineyard injury did not seem to correlate with local (adjacent field) use of these products. So where was the ill winds coming from? This seminar will highlight early WSU College of Agriculture and Civil Engineering Air Pollution research that has built the foundation to our current understanding of plant symptomology and regional herbicide off-target movement. More recent WSU plant symptomology and air monitoring research will underscore the episodic nature of PGR injury seen throughout the Yakima, Columbia River, and Walla Walla valley grape growing regions. Region-wide mitigation approaches will also be presented.

Dr. Vincent R. Hebert

Vince Hebert is an associate professor in the Department of Entomology and serves as the research director for the WSU Tri Cities Food and Environmental Quality Laboratory. He received his PhD in environmental chemistry from the Center of Environmental Science and Engineering at the University of Nevada. Dr. Hebert has a long-standing interest and professional involvement in understanding the environmental fate and transport of trace-level volatile and semi-volatile organics in air, water, and on land surfaces. His current research focus is on a region-wide residential air monitoring program that assesses the implications of off-target soil fumigant movement on public health.

The Joint Engineering and Science Seminar (JESS) series is an interdisciplinary effort of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Professional Programs at WSU Tri-Cities. Admission is free and open to the public; graduate students, post-docs and professionals are especially encouraged to attend.

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Dr. Yonas Demissie
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Nikolaos Voulgarakis, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
CIC 125G

Friday, October 25, 2013 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm