WSU Tri-Cities

Environmental Health & Safety

For emergencies call 911

Safety Alerts

WSU Tri-Cities Alerts (

Chemical Spills

Clean up minor chemical spills with equipment in the spill kits in each lab. Seal all waste in plastic bags and label. Report to Scott Tomren, 372-7163.

In case of a larger spill, evacuate the area and contact Scott Tomren.

If the spill is dangerous, call 911.

Accident Reporting

In the case of an injury, get an Incident Report Form from this site or from Sophie Valdez, fill it in, and turn it in to Sophie in the Payroll office.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Put hazardous waste in an appropriate container, and label it with a hazardous waste label. Store in an appropriate satellite waste area. Complete a Chemical Substance Report form (CSRF) and submit to EHS for collection.

For Pest Control

Contact Andy Percifield at 372-7605 or

Food Safety

Contact Scott Tomren at 372-7163 or the Benton-Franklin County Health District at 460-4200.