International Review of Modernism

A Review-Journal of Scholarship on

the Literature and Culture of Europe, 1890-1939


The International Review of Modernism is a new review-journal that will publish short articles, reviews, and extended review-essays on new scholarly and critical books on modernist literature and culture situated in historical and national contexts. It is hoped in this way we may have modernism "thickly described" with its comprehensive interrelationships as the literature crosses disciplinary boundaries and national borders or is influenced by art, film, philosophy, and politics. The coverage will be broad both temporally (from decadence and fin-de-siecle to the start of the Second World War) and spatially (from Great Britain to Russia).

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    Volume 1, issue 1: Fall/Winter, 1997

    Volume 1, issue 2: Spring/Summer, 1998

    Volume 2, issue 1: Fall/Winter, 1998

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