Washington State University Tri-Cities

Office of Student Involvement

Welcome to CougSync

Because being connected matters…

Go to orgsync.com/login/washington-state-university-tri-cities to get started

The office of Student Involvement (OSI) believes that being connected to the campus and other students is a primary way of ensuring both your academic and non-academic success. We believe this because it is relationships with other people that help make your college experience more enjoyable. They help us through tough times and make reaching our goals that much sweeter.

It is because of these beliefs that CougSync was developed. CougSync is the student involvement management system at WSU Tri-Cities. This system is equipped with lots of important tools, including a dynamic calendar, enhanced communication, ability to join registered student organizations (RSO) and an e-portfolio designed to help you keep track of volunteer and service hours, academics and employment information. Join the AWSUTC and Student Entertainment Board page to keep up-to-date on student issues and campus wide events.

By signing up for CougSync you are taking the first step towards being connected…and that matters to OSI and to you. In the fall, during the week of welcome and at other times throughout the year OSI will be promoting CougSync and all of its fabulous features. This program has something for every student at every phase of your education with WSU Tri-Cities. Please look for our tabling events, check the calendar for CougSync workshops and visit OSI in West 269 for any CougSync questions.